Stealth iT Recruitment is well versed in the adoption of new clients into its recruitment portfolio, isn’t this what everyone says? It is our view that when we recruit on behalf of a client, we effectively become an extension of that company’s own HR function, have you heard this before? It is most important that our consultants have a full overview of the corporate culture to ensure that we can answer any questions a potential employee may have, all sounds very familiar… there is a reason clients like working with us, we “get it” we understand what is required, we won’t send you across numerous profiles for you to sift through, we will send you the people that can do the job, that is what you are paying for, you pay for our market knowledge in your sector… you just decide which one you want, it is that easy with us, yes we need to get an understanding of the company vision, yes we need to understand the team dynamics, this is why we operate at the pinnacle of delivery within recruitment, we don’t just advertise vacancies, we have high repeat business with both clients and contractors alike, we won’t just work with any clients, we too are selective, we need to have clients that can match our vision and passion for delivery.


We can offer key clients the opportunity for your vacancies to be highlighted on our web site, again, this is something that you will hear constantly, however, we are different, yes you can advertise and we can all sit about and wait for the elusive talent to come knocking, or… we will bring them to you, we identify the passive talent that are looking for the right opportunity, a consultant with passion will be more productive than the consultant that just needs a job… we bring you the passionate consultants.

We have state of the art technology that assist us in our day to day roles, just like our clients do, software that assists us in mapping all of the tech communities. Having undertaken referencing/technical/experience-based testing of all resource within our capability pools, we are effectively managing availability of low risk resource when compared with typical recruitment agency activity. Taking this research-led approach yields superior results compared with other recruitment companies working to a reactive/advertising-based model, resulting in significant saving of time during the recruitment process (screening/interviewing unsuitable candidates) and a lower risk output.

Stealth iT Recruitment is happy to offer its clients guarantees of our performance relating to the following criterion:

– Determine benchmarks
– Measure performance
– Manage time and costs
– Resolve any problem areas
– Implement change to enhance continual improvement.

The Client gains benefit through:

– Stringent targets delivering a quality and cost competitive
– A win/win partnership


To ensure that we fully understand your requirements and respond accurately, a dedicated Account Team will be allocated to reflect the scale of the requirements, comprising:

– Account Director
– Researcher

Regular review meetings

– Assess performance
– Resolve any issues
– Identify future challenges